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  At the 2014 Stephenson County Fair, left to right: Becky, Ben, Eva, Mandi & Lizzie.


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Classification herd tally:
(1) 2E93. (3) 2E92, (3) 2E91, (6) 2E90, (4) E90, (34) "VG", (17) G+

January 2015 RHA: 79 cows  23,419m  1014f  850p

18 cows over 100,000 pounds and all "VG" or higher

Tours to see our cows . . . Visitors always welcome - give us a call.

Bulls, bred heifers, calves and embryos for sale.


The Korth Family
Russel • John and Wendy
Becky, Lizzie and Heath, Mandi and Garet, Ben
And the 4th generation: Zeke, Eva and Owen

800 West Elm Road, Freeport, Illinois 61032
John: 815/297-5722   •   Wendy: 815/291-6679


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